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Dobson 508/2000 GOTO

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Sky-Watcher StarGate-500P GOTO

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Product description

Sky-Watcher StarGate Dobsonians with their huge light gathering capabilities provide the ultimate WOW factor experience for visual astronomers, delivering outstanding performance on both planetary and deep sky objects.

Features a HUGE 508mm primary mirror and an impressive f/3.9 focal ratio. This telescope is the ultimate light bucket.

The mirrors are parabolized to bring all the light rays to the same focal point to give sharp, contrasty images, which are full of detail.

The elegant and rigid all-metal truss tube design is easily transportable when unassembled, and can be assembled and ready for use in about 20 minutes. 

This model features Sky-Watcher SynScan GOTO function which will make your observation experience more magical. The mount provides motorised operation in both Alt and Azimuth axes, and can slew the telescope automatically, and track over 42,900-night sky objects from the Synscan handset's extensive computerised database. Features Freedom-Find Dual-Encoder technology, which also allows the telescope to be moved manually in either axis without losing its alignment or positional information.

Product details

Technical Specifications

  • Optical system: Newtonian
  • Aperture: 508mm
  • Focal length: 2000mm
  • Focal ratio: f/3.9
  • Light gathering power: 5267x
  • Resolution: 0.27 "
  • Maximum magnification: 1000x
  • Synscan GOTO

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