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Nexstar 4SE

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Celestron Nexstar 4SE

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Product description

Celestron Nexstar 4SE is a high-quality 4" Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope. Compact size and sharp optics make it a great telescope for beginners. Included with the telescope is a sturdy Nexstar computer controlled alt-az mount that can also be used in equatorial mode, thanks to the integrated EQ wedge. With more than 40,000 items in its database, the telescope is easy to align, thanks to Celestron's Sky Align alignment function. Thanks to its long focal length, the Nexstar 4SE is particularly well suited for observing and photographing objects in the solar system. Brighter deep sky objects are also within reach.

The special feature of the 4SE is a built-in flip mirror. This allows you to easily switch between the eyepiece and the camera when doing astrophotography. This is especially useful when imaging with small sensor planetary cameras with a narrow field of view.

Product details


  • Optical system: Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • Primary mirror diameter: 102mm
  • Focal length: 1325mm
  • Focal ratio: f/13
  • Light gathering power: 212x
  • Resolution: 1.35"
  • Magnification with the included 25mm eyepiece: 53x
  • Maximum magnification: 200x
  • Total weight: about 6 kg

The mount requires 8 AA batteries or a 12V power supply (not included) in order to operate.

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