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LS50THa/B600PT H-alpha Solar Telescope


Lunt LS50THa/B600PT H-alpha Solar Telescope

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Product description

The Lunt LS50THa/B600PT solar telescope is an excellent telescope for observing and imaging the sun at the Hydrogen alpha (Ha) wavelength. With this solar telescope, it is possible to observe solar prominences and other fascinating phenomena in the sun.

The telescope comes standard with a Pressure Tuner. Lunt telescopes have Etalon safely installed inside the telescope.

The compact size of the telescope makes it a convenient travel scope. Thanks to its built-in B600 blocking filter, this particular model is well suited for both visual observation and photography of the sun.

We recommend the Lacerta Solar Searcher and Vixen dovetail as an accessory for this telescope.

    Product details

    Technical Specifications

    • Lens diameter: 50mm
    • Focal length: 350mm
    • Bandpass: <0.75 angstroms
    • Pressure Tuner
    • Blocking filter: B600


    • LS50THa H-alpha telescope
    • B600 blocking filter
    • Pressure Tuner
    • Tube clamp with 1/4-20 thread
    • Non-rotating helical focuser

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