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Mini Track LX3 Set


Omegon Mini Track LX3

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Product description

The Omegon MiniTrack LX3 is a compact star tracker that almost guarantees successful astrophotos without any electricity. The tracker is completely mechanical! The LX3 is 60% more accurate than its preceding model. Recommended for both wide angle lenses and lightweight telephoto lenses.

  • Take pictures of the night sky from anywhere in the northern hemisphere - successfully and effortlessly
  • Never needs charging - works via clockwork, so is independent of batteries and power sockets
  • Wind-up by pulling the cord and the mount will start operating immediately
  • Optimal for overview shots of the starry sky and using telephoto lenses up to about 300mm

Product details

Technical Specifications

  • Payload 3kg
  • Attaches to a camera tripod with the included 1/4" standard thread. Connects to a ball head with a 3/8" thread.
  • Reinforced spring system.
  • CNC machined housing.
  • Comes with an optical polar scope for precise polar alignment.

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Hyvää ostos!

Muutaman käyttökerran jälkeen voi todeta, että tämä on hyvä ja toimintavarma laite. Helppokäyttöinen trackeri joka jaksaa kannatella yllättävän paljon kuormaa. Tällä laitteella pääsee helposti ja suhteellisen pienellä budjetilla hommassa alkuun.
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