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VMC 260L Maksutov Cassegrain AXD Version

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VMC 260L Maksutov Cassegrain AXD Version

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Product description

The optics of the VMC260L surpass the traditional Schmidt-Cassegrain and this tube is only 650 mm in length, despite its long focal length of 3000 mm . With its large aperture of 260 mm , the telescope collects light for serious professional observations and photography of the planets, as well as countless deep-sky objects. The dielectrically coated mirrors of the VMV260L guarantee high sharpness and maximum brightness. Thanks to the open tube, this instrument cools down faster than conventional closed Cassegrain systems, and (having no front corrector plate) is not as prone to dewing issues either.
An optional 0.62x focal reducer is available for expansion to reduce the focal ratio to 1: 7.1. This results in a shortening of the exposure times and the increasing the field of view, thus increasing the ability to photograph larger objects in the sky. Included accessories feature a finder, Losmandy type dovetail rail and a handle that assists considerably when mounting and de-mounting the scope and can also be used as a camera holder for star field recordings.

Product details


  • Aperture: 260 mm precision spherical mirror, multi-coated
  • Light gathering power: 1380x
  • Adapter and connections: 60 mm on the focuser; 42 mm for T-mount and 31.7 mm with folding mirror; 50.8mm option
  • Photography: primary focus and eyepiece projection


  • VMC260L reflector
  • Dovetail rail (3 inch for AXD)
  • Carrying handle
  • Finderscope
  • Folding mirror

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