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Software Bisque Helium Tripod

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Software Bisque

Software Bisque Helium Tripod

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Product description

The Software Bisque Helium Tripod  is an exceptionally stable, portable imaging platform that can be quickly setup, leveled and aligned with the celestial pole.

The Helium Tripod has many innovative features:

  • Carries all your equipment with a payload capacity of 90 kg (200 lb.) when the legs are fully
    extended, or up to 113 kg (250 lb.) maximum carrying capacity when placed at the lowest height.
  • Allows eyepiece placement at a convenient height with a dynamic height range for 60 cm (24
    in.) to 102 cm (40 in.).
  • The ultra-portable and lightweight design tips the scales at just 6.4 kg (14 lb.).
  • Simple and intelligent mechanics permit the legs to be expanded or collapsed in seconds.
  • Flexible 360-degree azimuth adjustment for worry free setups and azimuth alignment.
  • Large range of coarse level adjusters can applicable to flat or sloping surfaces.
  • Fine adjusters to achieve optimal level.
  • Intelligent mechanical design produces exceptional stability at all heights.
  • Swiveling feet can be fit with spikes that optimize coupling to the ground. Compatible with
    other commercially available tripod feet.
  • Two built-in bubble levels for coarse leveling (with 10 arc minutes per one-tenth inch accuracy)

The tripod is available with red or all black anodized aluminum. The Helium’s top plate (or mounting plate) is available for either the Paramount MYT or Paramount MX/MX+ mount.

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