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EDGE HD 1100

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Celestron EDGE HD 1100 (279/2800 SCT) OTA

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Product description

The EdgeHD optics are three times flatter than a standard Schmidt-Cassegrain in the image field plane. The stars are imaged diffraction-limited on the entire chip of a Nikon D3 or Canon 5D!

In addition to the new optics, the mechanics and tube have also been completely redesigned. The innovations include:

Mirror locks hold the main mirror in any focus position without exerting pressure on the optical elements. The image always remains stable on the chip, even with long exposure times.

Ventilation openings behind the main mirror ensure a rapid exchange of air, so that the optics cool down unrivaled quickly. Thanks to an air filter system, no dust gets into the tube.

HyperStar compatible - You can remove the secondary mirror on all EdgeHD tubes and replace it with the optional HyperStar optics. The result: Your standard Celestron EdgeHD telescope becomes a digital Schmidt design for your CCD or DSLR camera for photography in the primary focus at f / 2 (C8, C11) and f / 1.9 (C14).

Product details

11"EdgeHD optics

Aluminum tube

StarBright XLT compensation

2800 mm focal length (f / 10)

23 mm Axiom 2 "eyepiece 

9x50 viewfinder

2 "star diagonal for comfortable observation of objects close to the zenith

New optical design for point-like star imaging over a large image field

Mirror locks hold the main mirror in place to protect against mirror shifting

Ventilation openings allow quick temperature adjustment of the main mirror

Fastar compatible for photography with f / 2

Prism rail for CGE mount

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