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RedCat 51 APO 250mm f/4.9 GEN2

William Optics

RedCat 51 APO 250mm f/4.9 GEN2

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Product description

From the beginning, the goal was to create the best possible design for an affordable, small, lightweight and fast Apochromatic refractor for astrophotography needs. The unique optical design includes the highest quality glass for the best possible color correction and flat-field. The result is a 51 mm objective lens, in a sleek Petzval design, for a full frame flat field image. The optical quality provides for exceptional performance at a fast focal ratio of f/4.9.

The premium quality of anodizing finish and calibrated helical focuser. Works well day and night!

The lens tube includes a specially designed base that provides light but solid mounting options, including a reversible base plate for either Vixen style or Arca-Swiss mounting.

Delivery includes

  • Soft carry case
  • Spacecat 51 f/4.9
  • Patented Bahtinov Mask
  • Dovetail 210mm
  • Mounting rings
  • Tilt adapter

Product details


Focal lenght250 mm
Lens typePetzval and Ohara FPL 53 ED
Image circleΦ 44mm (full frame sized cameras)


225mm x 80mm x 80mm

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