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AstroReflect 300mm Telescope Mirror

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AstroReflect 300mm Telescope Mirror

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Product description

Premium quality Newtonian primary mirror from AstroReflect!

AstroReflect mirrors are made extremely precisely from borosilicate glass of the German company Schott and accompanied by a certificate from interferometric tests, which ensures a high quality. As an indicator for quality, the Strehl value is always more than 95%, usually even higher (up to 98-99%).

We recommend these premium AstroReflect mirrors to all astronomers who expect the best performance from their telescopes!

Product details

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter D=300 mm
  • Material: Schott Borofloat 33
  • Thickness: d=25 mm
  • Accuracy of the parabolic surface: Strehl > 0.950
  • Interferometric test with a certificate: Yes
  • Reflection: 93%

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