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Angled eyepiece for polar finder

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Omegon angled eyepiece for polar finder

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Product description

You can either crouch on the ground, or make locating the pole much more comfortable.

Having to kneel on the ground to look through the polar finder in a cramped position is always irritating - no question. North aligning the mount is an unpleasant job, even for younger people - and all because the polar finder is straight and pointing down at a steep angle. The Omegon 90° angled view polar finder attachment makes the job much simpler, and guarantees no back pain.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • easier to adjust the polar finder - you look into it at a 90° angle
  • never have to kneel on the ground again to carry out polar adjustment
  • image orientation remains undisturbed
  • adjustable focus
  • 1X and 2X zoom factor for an overview and a more detailed image
  • simply place the metal angled finder - with its Amici prism and coated optical surfaces - over the polar finder and fix it in position.

  1. You will know this as a general rule - if you are observing in a comfortable posture, you are also able to observe objects better and you simply see more. It is a similar story with a polar finder - the attachment will give you more time for adjusting the alignment and you will benefit from a more precise north alignment of your mount.
  2. 360 degrees rotatable
  3. Even if you look into the polar finder a little to the right or to the left of the mount - the angled finder can be rotated as you wish.
  4. Focusable - always achieve a sharp image
  5. A sharp view of the Pole Star and reticule - that's one prerequisite offered by the angled finder. The built in optics are as simple to adjust for your visual acuity as with a normal focuser. This is also a real plus for spectacle wearers.
  6. Rubber eyecup for a better view
  7. The funnel-shaped eyecup gives you a high-contrast view without any light intruding from the outside. It is also practical - it can be easily folded.
  8. Zoom levels - 1X and 2X
  9. The normal 1X view the angled finder provides is a generous overview. But sometimes the central part of the image in the polar finder needs to be seen better - simply increase the magnification to 2X and you'll see a large image of what is really important.
  10. Will this angled finder fit on my mount?
  11. With its 30mm inner diameter the Omegon angled finder will fit onto the polar finder of most common mounts. This is simply achieved, with no screwing on necessary - just put it on, tighten the knurled screws and you are ready to go.
  12. A selection of matching mounts

  • Skywatcher: EQ5, AZ-EQ5, HEQ5, EQ6, AZ-EQ6, Adventurer, Adventurer mini
  • Orion: Atlas Pro, Atlas EQ-G
  • Celestron: AVX, CGEM
  • Lacerta: Polarie polar finder
  • Please Note: It is not suitable for the iOptron polar finder!

North align your mount easier and more comfortably with the Omegon Angled Finder than was ever possible in the past.

Product details

Weight (g)125
Diameter (mm)30,2
Height (mm)94

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