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TS-Optics 1.25" and T2 Micro Helical Focuser - T2 connection

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TS-Optics 1.25" and T2 Micro Helical Focuser - T2 connection

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Product description

TS-Optics MICRO-HELICAL Focuser with fine adjustment with 0.05 mm measuring scale

The micro-speed focuser provides precise focusing with almost any telescope. This is ideal for photography and observation of planets and lunar craters. At many telescopes, focusing is too coarse, so you will need a lot of luck for achieving the best focus point.

A further advantage is that the accessories, like a camera, do not rotate with the focuser. Therefore the orientation of the image remains unchanged.

At the eyepiece/camera side, a male T2-thread (M42x0.75) is at your disposal. You can directly connect a CCD camera or your DSLR camera (via a T2-ring). Additionally, the 1.25" receptacle allows attaching of 1.25" accessories like eyepieces, C mount adapters, etc.

Product details

Connection at telescope side:T2 (M42x0.75) thread (male)
Connection at eyepiece side:1.25" receptacle (female) and T2-thread (male)
Adjustment range:10 mm with a setting accuracy of 0.05 mm
Minimum height:47.5 mm
Weight:103 grams

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