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Push+ mini mount

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Omegon Push+ mini mount

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Product description

Your smartphone and this telescope are now 'best friends'

Reach every destination in the night sky - That's easy with the new Push+ mini mount. Your smartphone and the clever push-to technology will guide you to all planets, nebulae and galaxies with this 'rocker-box'. What you need to add? - simply your OTA. The Push+ mini can accommodate telescopes of up to 150mm in aperture and 900mm in length. Your OTA then becomes a Dobsonian telescope with a unique system for navigating the night sky.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • finding newly invented - you can now located any object in the night sky using the Push+ object locator and your smartphone
  • built-in digital encoder - your telescope immediately knows where it is pointing. The software allows you follow every step and locate objects in a jiffy.
  • Bluetooth 2.0 provides a wireless connection to your smartphone - with a range of 10 meters
  • software - take control of your telescope with the SkySafari® 4 Plus app for Android
  • GP receiver - mounts any telescope with a GP rail

Digital Encoder - a 'satnav' for your telescope

Know where you are - the digital encoders on the azimuth and elevation axes tell you just where you are in the night sky at all times. This technology, which is used on large equatorial mounts, is now also employed with this Dobson telescope. But all this would be nothing without a good controller - and this you already have!

Smartphone - your way to the stars

Your Android smartphone now allows you to keep track of everything yourself - the Sky Safari® 4 Plus astronomy app for Android systems turns your phone into a control centre for your telescope. The coloured display on your smartphone shows the current region of the night sky and allows you to select an object you wish to observe. You can then move the telescope to the target in a jiffy - as you move the telescope in the direction required, you will see a crosshair moving across the star chart.

With the right app it's easy

You can purchase the SkySafari® 4 Plus app at Google Play. Push+ will not work with Apple iPhones or iPads (iOS operating system) - a separate version for these is due to be released in 2017

GP receiver

The rocker box has a receiver for Vixen style GP rails. This means you can connect most telescopes with GP rails to the rocker box and benefit from the Push+ system. This works best with Newtonian reflector telescopes of up to 8 inches in diameter.

Ensure your exploration of the night sky is always successful with Push+.

Note: smartphone and App are not included.

Telescope OTAs suitable for this mount

  • 114/900mm Newtonian
  • 130/900mm Newtonian
  • 150/750mm Newtonian

For whom is this mount suitable?

  • for beginners looking for a new base for a small telescope
  • for advanced observers who want to use their OTA for a second telescope
  • or if you would like to be able to take a compact telescope with you on holiday

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