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2.1x42 Wide-Field Binoculars

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Omegon 2.1x42 Wide-Field Binoculars

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Product description

Omegon 2.1x42 Wide-Field Binoculars are highly recommended for observing the constellations and the Milky Way!

These Omegon mini-binoculars let you observe the night sky as if your eyes were suddenly much more capable. You can observe entire constellations and star fields, but the stars are brighter and clearer and you can make out much more than just with the naked eye - as if you suddenly had 'super eyes', just for the night sky.

Product details


  • Omegon 2.1x42 Wide-Field Binoculars
  • Lens and eyepiece caps.
  • Wristband
  • Nylon bag with shoulder strap
  • 1/4 inch mounting hole.
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