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Motor Focus Kit v2 Celestron SCT C6", 8", 9.25", EdgeHD, RASA 8"

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Pegasus Astro

Pegasus Motor Focus Kit v2 Celestron SCT C6", 8", 9.25", EdgeHD, RASA 8"

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Product description

Focus accurately and quickly with the Celestron SCT Telescope with the powerful SCT motor package. This high-precision focus has a step size of 0.06 degrees, which can easily move over 6 kg (cm). Its high torque is suitable for moving even heavy equipment. In addition, the gearbox of the motors has a very small valve that can be easily adjusted using software.

Thanks to the pulley and belt design, the engine stays out of the way of the filter wheel when you use the focal length reducer. The support structure of the device fits most Celestron SCT models.

NOTE: You will need a stepper motor to run the motor. Check the Dual Motor Focus Controller

Most Celestron SCT telescopes can be fitted with a specially shaped, anodized aluminum bracket that is difficult to bend and twist. Fits at least the following models:
Celestron EdgeHD 8, 9.25, 11, 14 (13 mm hole)
Celestron SCT C6, C8, C925, C11, C14 (hole 22 mm)
Celestron RASA 8 (13 mm hole)
Celestron RASA 14 (hole 22 mm)


High-precision, geared stepper motor (Step 7.5, Deg 120, Transmission 1: 120). Its transmission has a very small valve and a high torque suitable for micron-scale refinement.

Black anodized aluminum bracket for Celestron SCT telescopes
Timing belts
13 mm pulley 2GT (6,8,9,25) or 22 mm pulley 2GT (11, 14 Celestron)

Some of the pictures are from an older plastic case, but it helps to understand how the SCT case is attached to the telescope.

Product details

Technical information:

  • Step angle: (Deg) 7.5 / 120 = 0.0625
  • Gear ratio: 1: 120
  • Steps: 4 (Unipolar Motor)
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Current: (A) 0.27
  • Retraction speed: (PPS) 400
  • Torque: (Approx. 60) (100pps)
  • Weight: Stepper motor, SCT adapter and motor belt. Total belt weight 300 g
  • Documentation
  • Motor Focus Kit for SCT Installation Guide

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