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Vixen A80Mf OTA


Vixen A80Mf optical Tube

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Product description

The A80Mf refractor is an ideal entry-level model for beginner astronomers who value high-quality optics. Thanks to Vixen’s quality controls, the 80 mm lenses are produced to an outstanding quality. The refractor comes with two Plössl eyepieces (6.3 mm and 20 mm) and a 90° star diagonal. The A80Mf is ideal for exploring the moon and the brighter planets.
On moonless nights you can observe the Andromeda Galaxy or Orion’s Nebula.
The 6x24 viewfinder makes locating celestial objects quick and easy.

Product details


  • Objective lenses: 80 mm achromat, coated
  • Focal length: 910 mm (f11.4)
  • Resolution and limiting magnitude: 1.45 arc seconds; 11.3
  • Light-gathering power: 131x
  • Dimensions and weight: (OD) 90 mm x (L) 860 mm; 3.3kg
  • Viewfinder telescope: 6x24 mm
  • Adapter and connections: 42 mm for T-thread; 31.7 mm connection
  • Included accessories: 31.7 mm star diagonal, PL20mm & PL6.3mm eyepieces
  • Photography: Primary focus and eyepiece projection


  • 31.7 mm star diagonal
  • PL20mm & PL6.3mm eyepieces 1.25"
  • Tube clamps
  • Dovetail adapter
  • 6x24 mm viewfinder telescope

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