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Bahtinov Mask for 200mm Telescopes


Bahtinov Mask for 200mm Telescopes

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Product description

A Bahtinov Mask helps you to get a perfect focus with the help of diffraction spikes. The Bahtinov mask is put in front of your telescope and it creates a diffraction pattern that you can use to focus the telescope.

Our Bahtinov masks are available in the following diameters:

  • BatPlus080 - for tube diameter 82-100mm
  • BatPlus100 - for tube diameter 104-119mm
  • BatPlus127 - for tube diameter 114-171mm
  • BatPlus150 - for tube diameter 169-211mm
  • BatPlus200 - for tube diameter 228-292mm
  • BatPlus250 - for tube diameter 278-342mm
  • BatPlus300 - for tube diameter 344-438mm















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