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Solar Scout SS60-DS solar telescope bundle

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DayStar Solar Scout SS60-DS solar telescope bundle

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Product description

Daystar’s Solar Scout offers an affordable option for beginners. The Solar Scout SS60-DS solar telescope package includes all the necessary accessories for viewing and shooting. Camera and tripod sold separately. For example, we recommend the ZWO 178MM mono camera.

The Daystar Solar Scout SS60-DS is a great beginner's telescope for viewing and shooting the sun. At the wavelength of the hydrogen alpha, you can see a variety of different surface shapes from the sun! The chromosphere of the sun opens up a unique and ever-changing view of our near star. Observe sunspots and active areas near them. Perhaps managed to watch the sun safely just at the moment when a bright flare eruption occurs! At the edge of the sun, gas eruptions, or prominences, are sometimes in the form of spectacular arcs, feather-shaped, or short but wide, such as the hedgehog shape. Using Solar Scout is very easy.

Initially, the telescope needs time to preheat the built-in Quark module, which takes about 10-15 minutes. The Quark module is powered from a power source with a micro-USB cable. The indicator light on the Quark module changes from yellow to green when the telescope is ready for use. If the yellow light does not turn green, the observation site is too hot or cold. A red light indicates that there is not enough power available.

The adjustment knob on the Quark module can be used to change the view, making the surface more visible, or in another position, the gas discharges, or prominences, at the edge of the sun. Turning the control knob always requires a short wait of a couple of minutes.

The Daystar Solar Scout Quark module cannot be removed from the supplied telescope. Great for photography with a CMOS camera. For example, we recommend the ZWO 178MM mono camera or the ZWO174MM mono camera. In sun photography, you can easily come across Newton rings, which is why it’s worth taking flats in photography. This usually solves the problem. The Quark module has a built-in 4.3x barlow lens, which, despite the small size of the tube, has a long focal length (930 mm).

  • High quality achromatic lens telescope SS60-DS 60 mm
  • Helical focus
  • Performance like a double-coated hydrogen alpha telescope (0.5Å)
  • High quality Quark performance
  • Micro-USB power cable, wall charger for charging the power supply
  • 'Solar Bullet' finder
  • Tripod mount for Vixen / camera tripod

Product details


  • 60mm lens diameter
  • 930mm focal length
  • Sturdy and precise focus: the helical focus does not slip or rotate the eyepiece
  • The sun visor helps to safely point the telescope towards the sun
  • Separately available adapter for 2 "camera devices / eyepieces
  • USB power (own power supply), 5V / 1.5A
  • 110-240VAC mains power supply to charge the telescope's own power supply
  • The standard adjustment knob allows adjustment with an accuracy of +/- 0.5Å
  • LED light indicating: power on, heating on, ready for use, error status

Package includes:

  • DayStar 60 mm Solar Scout DS H-alpha solar telescope
  • Micro USB power cord
  • 'Solar Bullet' finder
  • Vixen rail
  • 25 mm Plössl eyepiece
  • 1.25" diagonal mirror
  • 10,000 mAh battery with lashing strap

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